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Figleaf – book “Our Life Behind the Fig Leaf” by J H Labuschagne –
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Die “SELF GESPREK” reeks bevat nie fiksie nie. Dit is die skrywer se ongesensureerde gedagtegang oor werklike ervarings, emosies, filosofieë en ander waarhede.

Hierdie reeks is ‘n openbare forum vir almal deur enigeen.


The “SELF TALK” series is fiction free. It is the author’s uncensored line of thought about real experiences, emotions, philosophies and other truths.

This series is a public forum for everyone by anyone.





p4. The Fig Leaf of the Fall of Man (marriage contract) must be done away with . . . 

p19. God forgives man all the sins asked for. His Fall (ascribed to sex) will also be forgiven if he asks. 

p29. The Satan need not to be hated, because God loves him and all sinners . . 

p33. The full implication of Christ’s coming to the earth is that He made everything here new - that He established a new earth and a New Paradise

p40. Mankind has the right and can pledge with freedom of mind with the Satan: Return to your God, because He loves you . . .

p51. . . . and he asks his Creator for it, God will abolish the day of Judgement . . .

p60. Homosexualism, which is damageless sex and which is essentially related to masturbation, has thus been unsinned with Christ’s coming to earth. Besides: this is also the case with all sex-related as well as other sins.

p61. Through Christ all sins have thus been unsinned by God. p66. His wrong thoughts, words and deeds were not held against Him by God. Christ dealt with all human sins – also sexual sins, because He was a normal man.

p67. Not only the Bible in particular, but Religion in general has become a fig-leaf behind which man has hidden himself from the Truth about God, mainly because he has rated the Bible erroneously as the Word of God. Man will never possess knowledge about the Creation or the Creator. This is so, because an Intellectual Barrier was apparently Imposed on him. p68. Where does it come from that Christians worship Christ? Did Christ ever say that He must be worshipped, that He had to die for the sins of people? Did He say Himself that He is the Only Son of God and that nobody will come to the Father except through Him? The Bible is not only for this reason unacceptable as the Word of God, but also because of the guessing and speculating over an Entity about which no knowledge nor contact exists. Thus the entire Bible is fiction, as well as everything that is being guessed about a so called God. Also is it applicable to all Religions, idol-worshipping, atheists, satanists, etcetera worldwide. 

p70. Nobody knows anything of the Creator or the Creation - not the celestials, angels or the Satan and also not Christ. Although it is written in the Gospel that Christ said that he is the Only Son of God, it does not matter if he said that or not, it remains rashness of the severest degree. The world must be ridded of this fallacy, as well as lots of other religious fallacies. Let the miracles with rocks, resurrections and many others, which drove mankind to prayers to the ancient magicians, rather convey another message: the powers were only Given to them by the Invisible Inexplicable Inaccessible.

p70. The Christian Religion is the result of the idolisation of Jesus Christ, who was a Gifted prophet, like many before and after him, and who’s crucifixion resulted in another idolatry - Christianity.

p71. Western Christianity was bastardized with the Roman idolatry.

p72. . . . so that the participant of the Holy Communion was Inchristed. Through this the praying to Christ and his alleged trinity with God is wrong, because every one who has been Inchristed is equal with Jesus Christ. This is then the crisis of Christianity – that the institution of the Holy Communion by Christ, if it ever happened as described in the Bible, was idolatry. Religion in any way, is, however, sinless and to the honour of the Creator.



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